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This is the ordering website for Maple Hill Farm in Hardwick, MA.
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Maple Hill Farm is a farm raising grass-fed, hormone-free and chemical-free beef for our local communities in central and western Massachusetts. Our animals forage on pasture which is their native diet, fostering their growth (at a natural pace) and health. Raising grass-fed animals has an array of benefits for consumers, the environment, the farmers, and the animals themselves.
We offer the best grass-fed beef, raised without additives in harmony with nature, on a showplace New England farm on a hill in Central Massachusetts. Grass-fed beef has been shown to have many health benefits including highest levels of natural CLAs (conjugated linoleic acid), omega-3, and various vitamins.
Maple Hill Farm only offers USDA Prime and Choice grade beef, the best of the best. Unlike most other farms who force fed their beef with corn and hormones and cull in one year, we raise our beef until it's finished properly (age 2 ½- 3 ½ years old). That's why our beef is the most tender and flavorful with the finest of texture.

What we have available changes frequently, so please check back often.

Reservations may be made for future orders. Please call or email us with any questions you may have!

All of our products are vacuum packed and flash frozen within minutes after packaging.

Farm Pickup or Shipping?

When placing an online order, you must choose between farm pickup, or having your order shipped directly to your home. Please see our shipping information under the Delivery Options link if you are considering that option. Either choice, we look forward to serving you!